335JCBB22 polypropylene capacitor 250V factory manufacturing

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335JCBB22 polypropylene capacitor 250V factory manufacturing

  • Type: Film capacitor
  • Deviation: ±5% (J) ±10% (K)
  • Application: General
  • Packing type: through hole
  • Warranty: Unconditional replenishment


335JCBB22 polypropylene capacitor 250V

335JCBB22 polypropylene capacitor are used in DC, pulse, high-frequency and large current applications, and are used in electrical appliances that require high frequency, high current, and high stability.

335JCBB22 polypropylene capacitor 250V

Film capacitor — CBB22

Application field

Manufacturing method of film capacitor:

♦  The usual method of making thin-film capacitors is to use aluminum and other metal foils as electrodes and plastic films to overlap and wind them together.

♦  There is also a manufacturing method for film capacitors, called Metallized Film. The method is to deposit a thin layer of metal on a plastic film by vacuum evaporation to serve as an electrode. In this way, the thickness of the electrode foil can be omitted, and the volume per unit capacity of the capacitor can be reduced. Therefore, the film capacitor can be easily made into a small and large-capacity capacitor.

♦  The common MKP capacitor is the name of the metalized polypropylene film capacitor (Metailized Polypropylene Film Capacitor), and the MKT is the name of the metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor (Metailized Polyester).

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