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300VAC safety capacitor Y2 471K manufacturer

  • Capacity: 470pf
  • Temperature range: -40℃+125℃
  • D=7.5mm
  • Material: Y5P
  • Application field: General
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300VAC safety capacitor Y2 471K

300VAC safety capacitor Y2 type capacitor for suppressing electromagnetic interference of power supply should be suitable for occasions that will not cause electric shock when the capacitor fails. When the power supply is connected across the line, it can withstand a 5kV pulse voltage impact without causing breakdown.

300VAC safety capacitor Y2 471K

Ceramic capacitors — Y safety capacitors


Application field

These Ceramic Disc Capacitors are specifically designed AC applications and meet the safety requirements of various safety standards agencies.These capacitors are ideal for line by-pass,coupling and across the line applications.


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