The US Department of Transportation issued an order on the 3rd. From June 16, the United States will suspend all Chinese passenger flights, including Air China, Capital Airlines, Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and other airlines.

The order stated that the US Department of Transportation because the Chinese government “failed to allow US carriers to carry out scheduled passenger air services to and from China, could not exercise the full content of bilateral rights.” The order United States will suspend all Chinese passenger flights from June 16, 2020. According to the June flight plans previously released by Chinese airlines, the order will affect Beijing-Los Angeles routes operated by Air China, Guangzhou-Los Angeles routes operated by China Southern Airlines, and Shanghai-New York routes operated by China Eastern Airlines.

The so-called Chinese side of the US Department of Transportation has failed to allow US airlines to operate passenger routes to and from China, referring to the “five one” policy implemented by the Civil Aviation Administration of China since March 29 (one airline per country only reserves one route , At most once a week). Because the policy requires the international flight plan released on March 12 as the benchmark, and the US airlines have suspended all flights between China and the United States, the route has never been resumed. The relevant person in charge of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration had previously stated that in response to a reporter’s question, the “five one” policy was mainly to resolutely curb the high risk of the epidemic.

In fact, China has begun to cooperate with many countries with good epidemic prevention and control to open green channels. Therefore, if the United States wishes to resume flights with China as soon as possible, it should take similar measures to these countries.