“Relying on China’s advanced automation equipment and China’s strict control of the production process, the quality of the masks we produce is among the best in Egypt.” Omer Abdullah, the head of the Egyptian European Medicine Company, picked up a mask that was just produced. Confidently show reporters. After the outbreak of the Egypt epidemic, Europharm and China Ningbo Jiashang Import and Export Co., Ltd. quickly established a production line of non-sterile medical surgical masks in the Nasser City Free Trade Zone in Cairo, which was officially put into production a few days ago.

“Our cooperation with Chinese friends is very pleasant. The mask production line helped us solve the big problem of epidemic prevention. More masks can help more Egyptians resist the virus.” Omer led the reporter into the factory’s sterile workshop. Amidst the rumbling sound, the fully automated production line that had been commissioned was running quickly. The rolls of meltblown and non-woven fabrics were laminated and cut, and then the blue mask pieces were preliminarily formed and lined up on the conveyor belt. Afterwards, several workers divide the work to perform the steps of pressing, adding ear straps, and packaging. The entire production process is in order.

Hu Xiaojun, head of Jiashang Company, said: “The project is provided by China with equipment, technology and some raw materials. Egypt is responsible for the procurement of sterile workshops, labor and fabric raw materials. We cooperate with each other.”

According to the introduction, the mask produced by the project is a three-layer medical surgical mask: the first layer is anti-blood penetration non-woven fabric, the second layer is composite melt-blown fabric, and the third layer is non-woven fabric. Masks are produced in accordance with EU standards and have been certified by German testing agencies.

After the project is put on the market, it will effectively fill the gap in the supply of local masks. It is understood that the current 5 production lines are conservatively estimated to have a production capacity of 500,000 per day. In the future, it is planned to increase to 10 production lines. After full production, the production capacity can exceed 1 million per day. Hu Xiaojun said that China is willing to adjust the domestic sales and export ratio of the masks produced according to the changes in the situation of the Egyptian epidemic, and “do its utmost to help Egypt fight the epidemic.”

Counselor Han Bing of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt said that in the special period of epidemic prevention and control, the operation of the mask production line will effectively improve the epidemic prevention and control capabilities of Egypt. We hope that we can overcome the new crown virus as a common enemy of all mankind.

Sharif, Director of Public Relations of the Information and Decision Support Center of the Egyptian Cabinet, expressed high appreciation for the mask production line established by China and Egypt. Sharif pointed out that Egypt is now facing the threat of an epidemic situation. China is in a hurry, and it is a matter of urgency. It reflects the brotherhood of the two countries. “The mask production line project is of great significance to the fight against epidemic in Egypt. May Egypt and China join hands to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.”