August 8th is the twelfth National Fitness Day, and various associations and local sports departments hold related activities to stimulate the enthusiasm of all people to participate in fitness.

National Fitness Day is a festival that is closely related to people’s health. It grows from nothing, strengthens the fitness team, enriches fitness methods, and expands fitness space.

  • Inspire enthusiasm for participation

This year’s National Fitness Day, various associations may take advantage of sports majors, or use the role models and appeals of sports champions and sports stars to create a good atmosphere that loves physical exercise, stimulate the enthusiasm of all people to participate in fitness, and promote conscious fitness, convenient fitness, Scientific fitness, civilized fitness. The “Running Class” popular science animation short video launched by the China Athletics Association will be officially launched on August 8. There are 30 episodes of “Running Class” popular science animation short videos, which will popularize running knowledge for beginners, including scientific training methods and rehabilitation, and sports rules. On August 8th, the China Table Tennis Association will join hands with the local table tennis associations to jointly organize the “War on the epidemic, match table tennis, and maintain health” activities in Hainan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Shandong, and Gansu. The competition is divided into the U12 (under 12 years old) group and the undifferentiated age group, which provides opportunities for people of all ages to participate, and it is broadcast live on the Internet simultaneously. The Chinese table tennis team members who are preparing for the Tokyo Olympics in Lingshui, Hainan will also participate. They will use countdown posters and videos to promote the event.

  • Main online activities

This year’s National Fitness Day will no longer arrange offline main venue activities, but the rich content and various forms of online national fitness activities will make the masses feel a strong fitness atmosphere. Before and after this year’s National Fitness Day, we will select small and diverse radio gymnastics, martial arts, square dances and other projects that are popular among the masses through the methods of “National Fitness + Internet” and “Online + Offline”. The fitness experience, both in the form of online scientific fitness lectures and offline sports public welfare training, brings a variety of activities to the citizens. Jinan City has also opened the “Online Registration Platform for the National Fitness Games”, organizing more than 10 national fitness volunteer service teams, including broadcast gymnastics, ball games, swimming, chess, square dance, roller skating, and martial arts, to open online national fitness classes, Counseling classes explain fitness knowledge and provide comprehensive and multi-level technical guidance services for national fitness activities.

  • Upgrade venue service

In-depth development of national fitness, venues and facilities cannot be “absent.” It is necessary to provide the people with close and usable stadiums and facilities, so as to solve the problem of where citizens go to exercise. Sports departments in various places have launched many measures to this end.