In the post-epidemic era, China-EU relations start againIn the post-epidemic era, China-EU relations start again, and people from all walks of life are looking forward to it. The 22nd China-EU leaders met by video on the 22nd. This is the first formal meeting between Chinese leaders and the new EU leaders, and it is also the highest level of institutional exchanges between China and Europe after the outbreak of the new crown.

This year is the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the EU. Over the past 45 years, China-EU relations have been continuously injected with new vitality and given new meaning. Today, the China-EU Leaders’ Meeting held when China and the EU have stabilized the epidemic situation has a special significance beyond the meeting itself.

Since the outbreak, China and Europe have worked together to help each other and fight the epidemic together, once again proving that each other is a partner in mutual need. China and the EU have effectively communicated and coordinated on multilateral platforms such as the World Health Organization, supported multilateralism together, and demonstrated responsibility and responsibility.

In recent times, the epidemic situation between China and Europe has gradually stabilized, and work is being resumed steadily. China-EU economic and trade cooperation has become an important force for stabilizing the global economy.

At present, China-EU cooperation in the post-epidemic era is ushering in a new critical moment. Zhang Ming, head of the Chinese mission to the EU, pointed out that the meeting is expected to further promote strategic mutual trust and mutually beneficial cooperation between China and the EU, enhance practical cooperation, indicate the direction for the development of bilateral relations after the outbreak, and strengthen China-EU coordination in international and regional affairs Cooperate to further highlight the global significance of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership.

The important enlightenment given to the world by the epidemic is that it must be open rather than closed, cooperative rather than isolated, and multilateral rather than unilateral in order to properly respond to global problems, including the epidemic. In this regard, China and Europe have a similar position.

In this context, China-EU relations have a deep meaning and far-reaching significance. This is a re-start of deepening strategic mutual trust, a re-start of pragmatic cooperation, a re-start of joining hands against the epidemic, and a re-start of multilateralism.