The China International Service Trade Fair is the Service Trade Fair, is committed to building a comprehensive information service platform for conventions, exhibitions, international forums, and trade negotiations for the global service trade. Global services, mutual benefit and sharing, the 2020 China International Trade in Services Fair will be The exhibitors provided a deeper exchange platform and more cooperation opportunities, which also gave them full confidence in the Chinese economy.

Zhang Lichen, head of the Beijing Representative Office of the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Corporation: I hope that through this service trade fair, more tourism and cultural services in Korea can be better presented to everyone.

Irish Ambassador to China Li Xiuwen: The holding of the Service Trade Fair is a very important thing. We have brought five companies, which allows them to better enter the Chinese market, and also allows us to promote trade with China as a country communicate with.

Deepen cooperation in trade and jointly seize the forefront in cooperation. During the service trade fair, 190 forums and negotiation activities will be held to provide enterprises with a platform for exchanges and cooperation.

Xue Zengyi, Vice Chairman of the China Region of CP Group’s Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Food Enterprise: I think it’s more of an exchange of ideas and superposition of wisdom. idea.

Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla’s external affairs: Activities like the Service Trade Fair actually provide a platform for communication between us and the world. Everyone has some understanding of different things and some of the things we encountered in specific work. Questions can be reached through communication to reach some consensus.

The holding of the China International Trade in Services Fair in 2020 is also releasing a positive signal of my country’s adherence to economic globalization and strengthening of international economic and trade cooperation, which also makes corporate institutions full of confidence in the Chinese economy.

Wu Yabin, Director of the Office of Investment and Technology Promotion of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization: Participating in the Service Trade Fair, I think one of the deepest feelings is that China can be said to be the first to get out of the impact of the epidemic, so we are very confident in China’s future.

Shi Nengzi, Deloitte China North China Regional Lead Partner: After the epidemic, the first such a large-scale exhibition was of great significance to us. It was to show China’s determination and strength to continue to open up to the outside world. So in terms of development, I I think it is a good sign.