On July 27, local time, the Chinese Embassy in Burundi and the Burundi Ministry of Public Health and AIDS Prevention and Control held a material handover ceremony for the Chinese counterpart hospital in Burundi at the Grand Prince Hospital. This batch of materials is the eighth batch of anti-epidemic materials donated by China. The purpose is to further strengthen the cooperation between China and Burundi, and promote the construction of counterpart hospital cooperation mechanisms, which will play a positive role in the anti-epidemic work of Burundi.

On behalf of the Minister of Public Health of Burundi, Assistant Minister of Public Health Nzigirabamiya thanked China for donating these anti-epidemic materials to the counterpart hospital. He said that after the outbreak, China provided all-round support for the prevention and control of the epidemic, which once again confirmed the solid relationship between Burundi and China. He believed that the two countries’ cooperation under the counterpart hospital mechanism will be closer. The Ministry of Health of Burundi will make every effort to make good use of this batch of materials, and make unremitting efforts to prevent and control the epidemic.