Wholesale safety capacitor JD272M2GY5U

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Wholesale safety capacitor JD272M2GY5U

  • Voltage: 400VAC
  • Temperature range: -40℃+125℃
  • D=13.0mm
  • Error: M±20%
  • Application field: General
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Wholesale safety capacitor JD272M2GY5U

Factory wholesale safety capacitor JD272M2GY5U is a high-voltage ceramic capacitor with the characteristics of small size, high withstand voltage and good frequency characteristics.

Wholesale safety capacitors JD272M2GY5U

Ceramic capacitors — Y safety capacitors


Application field

These Ceramic Disc Capacitors are specifically designed AC applications and meet the safety requirements of various safety standards agencies.These capacitors are ideal for line by-pass,coupling and across the line applications.


Production Process


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