Factory direct sales 681M Y capacitor

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Factory direct sales 681M Y capacitor

  • Voltage: 400VAC
  • Temperature range: -40℃+85℃
  • Material: Y5U
  • Error: K±10%
  • Warranty: Unconditional replenishment
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Factory direct sales 681M Y capacitor

681M Y capacitor high voltage ceramic capacitor has the characteristics of wear-resistant DC high voltage, suitable for high voltage bypass and coupling circuits, among which the low loss high voltage disc has low dielectric loss, especially suitable for television receivers and scanning circuits Used in.

Factory direct sales 681M Y capacitor

Ceramic capacitors — Y safety capacitors


Application field

These Ceramic Disc Capacitors are specifically designed AC applications and meet the safety requirements of various safety standards agencies.These capacitors are ideal for line by-pass,coupling and across the line applications.


Production Process


Deliver,Shipping And Serving

Lead Time: 3^15day(In Stock Within 3 Days)
Pre-Sale Service: Various Technical Support, Sairple Support, Sales Guidance
Customized Service: Capacity, Voltage, Size, Trademark
Special Service: Cut Feet, Bend Feet
Warranty: Unconditional replenishment

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