150uf 400v electrolytic capacitors made in china

150uf 400v electrolytic capacitors made in china

  • Capacitance: 150uF
  • Rated Voltage: 400V
  • Life: 4000 hours 
  • Size(D*L):18*35mm
  • Pre-Sale Service: Various Technical Support, Sample Support, Sales Guidance
  • After Sales Service: Requirements , Precautions


150uf 400v electrolytic capacitors Features And Applications

Electrolytic Capacitor 150uf400v, Large Size Capacitor 18*35mm, Large Ripple Current. Widely Used In Switching Power Supplies, Solar Inverters, Smart Homes, New Energy And Other Industries.

150uf 400v electrolytic capacitors Parameter

Specifications / Model:CDXHH151M2GD18L35B
Type: Low Impedance Electrolytic Capacitor
Colour:Green Shell And Golden Font
Capacitance: 150uF(151)                                    Rated Voltage: 400V(2G)
Size(D*L): 18*35mm                                           Solder Pin:7.5mm
R.C:373mArms                                                    L.C:1215uA
Packing : Bag Packing(B) 
Polarized Design: The Longer Lead Is Positive Electrode And The Shorter One Is Negative Electrode.

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electrolytic capacitors 150uf400v

We are a supplier of electrolytic capacitor, and we have rich experiences in this field. Our daily production capacity can reach  7 million electrolytic capacitors, the sample period is 3 days, and the production cycle is 10 days. We will give you great support in terms of price, quality and delivery time.

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