Yanqi Craftsman”-Craftsman and Ingenuity”

Ninety-nine is theIngenuity, the achievement of “ingenuity” “the ten thousand hour law” is the law pointed out by Canadian writer Gladwell in the book “Alien”. He believes that “10,000 hours of training is a necessary condition for anyone to transform from an ordinary into a world-class master.”

Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center has been officially opened in 2015 for 5 years, receiving more than 1,000 events and more than 1 million people. 2020 is a year of online and offline “competition” in the service industry. As an offline physical venue, the convention and exhibition center has suffered a huge blow. A few days ago, the National Commendation Conference for Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic has been solemnly held, which also marks the achievement of major strategic results in the fight against the epidemic, and the offline service industry may usher in dawn. How to bring customers offline value that cannot be experienced on online platforms is a question that “Yanqi Artisans” have been thinking about. Adapting to the market environment and enhancing the value of services may be able to temporarily gain a foothold in this market reshuffle. However, with the commercial popularization of 5G and other new technologies, the digital transformation of the industry is quietly coming. “Yanqi Craftsman” actively seeks changes and walks with the market. Only by re-innovating services, re-optimizing hardware, and re-upgrading skills can we stay in the industry forever. Go ahead of customers and serve them better.

Taking a closer look at the Beijing Service Trade Fair, the Pearl River Delta Canton Fair, and the Yangtze River Delta Expo, each region serves national needs based on its own characteristics. To build a service trade powerhouse and build a service trade brand, Beijing must play a leading role, and service trade will allow more of Beijing’s service industry to expand and open up its achievements and high-quality resources to show the world again. “Yanqi Artisans” rely on the brand of Yanqi Lake International Club, serve customers and work hard for the construction of Beijing International Exchange Center. They are practitioners in building a service brand. A large number of service brands represented by “Yanqi Craftsman” are showing the charm of our great country to the world. They have a distinctive cultural imprint, which is a deep manifestation of our cultural confidence. Following the “Made in China” going abroad, “Service in China” will also become a world name card representing China. “Artisans in Yanqi” may carry the cultural symbols of the Chinese nation and become “Artisans in a great country.”