What is cancelling culture: a new word you need to know
Canceling culture refers to a boycott, especially a boycott initiated online.

It is common on social media that someone (usually a well-known person) or a (well-known) company has been resisted by various public opinions because of saying or doing some offensive or unacceptable speech or behavior. Their job opportunities, business Endorsements, corporate sponsorships, and even their network influence have been “all cancelled.”

Some people describe “cancel culture” as cyber humiliation or cyber violence, but the two are not exactly the same.

Online humiliation or online violence is relatively negative, and the cancellation of culture is mainly due to the occurrence of the boycotted object or being excavated by someone who has done irritating or unacceptable words and deeds. The purpose of “cancellation” is to punish him/her.

Celebrities “cancelled”
What kind of words and actions will make famous people “cancelled”? Past examples include alleged sexual harassment or sexual assault, or other suspected criminal conduct.

There are also words and deeds related to racism or anti-homosexuality that can make people the object of being cancelled online.

For example, the famous Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey) was reported to have been involved in a sexual assault scandal in 2017, and new accusers continue to come forward to testify that Spacey’s reputation fell to the bottom instantly, and all performance opportunities overnight Disappeared, Netflix also removed the hit “House of Cards” episode.

Later, the United States police dropped the prosecution against him on the grounds that the evidence was insufficient, but Spicey, who was “canceled” in the sexual assault scandal, has not yet walked out of the haze.

Fan Bingbing, a Chinese celebrity in performing arts, was blasted in 2018 by the “Yin Yang Contract” to evade taxes and disappeared in the public eye overnight. The performing arts circle “goed to Fan Bing Bing” and all endorsement sponsorship contracts for all acting opportunities were cancelled.