WeChat stops serving Indian users. According to news on July 26, the WeChat service for users in India is no longer available. A number of WeChat Indian users revealed that they were forced to log out continuously and could not log in again when using WeChat. No matter what the network status.

After the Indian government announced the ban on 59 Chinese apps, popular apps such as Tiktok were completely blocked, unable to download or continue to use, but existing WeChat users can still receive and send messages. However, the situation quickly changed.

According to domestic media sources, all WeChat users affected by the prohibition use Indian local mobile phone numbers to register, and users who register with Chinese mobile phone numbers can still use it normally. There are various indications that WeChat’s disabling of WeChat accounts for Indian mobile phone users should be a proactive technical means to avoid legal risks.

When the account was logged out, the user received a message from the WeChat team, and the WeChat login interface displayed: “According to Indian law, we cannot provide you with WeChat services at this time. We value every user, and data security and privacy are important to us. It is the most important thing. We are in contact with relevant departments and hope to restore services in the future.”