According to a press release issued by the French Presidential Palace Elysee Palace on August 9, at the high-level video coordination meeting for emergency assistance to Lebanon held that day,The international community will provide assistance to Lebanon, and the participating parties pledged to provide Lebanon with 252.7 million euros in emergency assistance in the short term.

The high-level video coordination meeting for emergency assistance to Lebanon was jointly organized by the United Nations and France, from the United Nations, France, the United States, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Qatar, as well as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, International Red Cross and Red Crescent More than 30 heads of state, heads of government or representatives and responsible persons from countries such as the European Union and other international organizations attended the meeting.

The press release of the French Presidential Palace stated that the participants requested that emergency assistance be distributed directly to local people and called for a “transparent” investigation of the cause of the explosion.

French President Macron said at the opening ceremony of the meeting that the current top priority is to provide emergency medical assistance and food assistance to the Lebanese people, consolidate damaged buildings, and restore schools. He also called on the Lebanese government to carry out political reforms as soon as possible.

The Lebanese capital Beirut suffered two violent explosions on the 4th. So far, 158 people have been killed, 6,000 injured, dozens of people are missing, and hundreds of thousands are left homeless.