The epidemic is getting worse, and European blockades are frequent

This week, the ranking of the 10 most severely affected countries in the world has changed, with European countries fully catching up with the American countries.

The UK will close the city on December 2, just a few days after the beginning. Many cities have launched protests against masks and blockades. The students at the University of Manchester dismantled the fence erected around the school on the first day of the lockdown, because it is said that the fence “feels breathless just by looking at it” and “feeling in jail”. The fence is still held in the hands of the students, and the school is not allowed to reinstall it.

France has also closed the city, and the streets are quiet, and you must check when you go out. However, French national television is worrying about the emotional life of young people, saying that masks cover most of their faces, making it more difficult for young men and women to receive or release “signs of love.” At this time, I still think about the inconvenience of falling in love. It is indeed your France.

The epidemic in Italy is also rapidly deteriorating. The total number of confirmed cases now exceeds 1 million, replacing Mexico as the 10th most severely affected country in the world. They have obviously accepted the lesson of the last outbreak, and now they have given local governments very large powers to allow local governments to directly exercise road jurisdiction, and when necessary, they can directly block roads to restrict population movement.

Spain in bulk can no longer command local governments at this time. After Spain entered a new round of emergency and started a curfew on October 25, many large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona broke out in severe beatings, looting, looting, and even daring to besiege the police. Spanish police said that violent riots in multiple cities in recent days have all erupted almost simultaneously at night.

At least a dozen European countries have announced lockdown orders to contain the epidemic. Many people said that they adapted, but also many people said, “Go to him.”