manufacturingThe main change brought about by the epidemic is not that the manufacturing industry is going away. During the survey, it was found that a series of economic logics in China will not change substantially because of the epidemic, but that the mutual trust between China and the world has been severely damaged The destruction of trust may cause the West to rebuild certain “security-related” industries at any cost and at any cost. If the West rebuilds safety-related industries, it may lead to the formation of two parallel production systems between China and the West. China ’s supply chain and market are global, and once the outside world feels that you ca n’t be trusted, it will no longer be from you If you buy it here, even if you have to buy it from you in the short term, you will definitely make other reserves. In the long run, you will hurt yourself. The strength of China’s manufacturing industry lies not in the low price of production factors, but in the super strong supply chain network. Only by promising to “weaponize the supply chain” can China’s supply chain be truly preserved. Of course, there are some institutional arrangements that cannot be trusted alone.