The 128th Canton Fair opened on the “cloud” side on the 15th, with an exhibition period of 10 days. Photo courtesy of the Canton Fair News Center

“We are looking forward to the Canton Fair in the cloud because China’s products are of good quality and high value.” On October 15th, the 128th Canton Fair officially opened on the “cloud” side with a 10-day exhibition. Marco Betim, secretary general of the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, said that the Italian economy is at a critical stage of restarting, and “Canton Fair is very important to the entire European market.”

“This year’s Canton Fair continues to set up 50 exhibition areas based on 16 categories of commodities, with a total of about 60,000 booths and nearly 26,000 exhibitors at home and abroad.” At the opening press conference of the 128th Canton Fair held on the morning of the 14th, Canton Fair News The spokesperson and deputy director of China Foreign Trade Center Xu Bing said that although the global epidemic is still spreading and the world economy is in recession, according to surveys, buyers are willing to participate in the conference. It is expected that there are still more than 210 countries and regions in which buyers will register. Exhibition and online negotiation for procurement.

All-weather webcast, online supply and sourcing docking, new online business card exchange, private chat with buyers, adding “Domestic Sales” tag and other functions… Under the new development pattern of “dual cycle”, the Canton Fair will be “cloud” and platform functions continue Innovate and optimize, so that exhibitors and merchants can “get in, find, and talk”.