In early November, due to the second wave of epidemics in many European countries, many countries coincidentally introduced relevant blockade policies to control the development of the epidemic. One month is about to pass, Some countries arrange unblock.

United Kingdom
The new policy will be launched on December 2 and will be temporarily unblocked during Christmas
Britain’s second state closure will end on December 2, but! In order to consolidate the results of the blockade, the United Kingdom will adopt more stringent three-level blockade control measures.

Unlock in three steps from November 28
French President Macron said in a televised speech on November 24 that in view of the fact that the second wave of the new crown epidemic in France has passed, he plans to lift the ban in three stages from November 28.
From November 28, France will implement the first phase of “unblocking.”
Starting from December 15th, if the number of new confirmed cases per day is less than 5,000, France will lift the “foot ban” measures.
Starting from January 20 next year, if the number of new confirmed cases per day remains below 5,000, the third phase of “unblocking” will be implemented.

Extend at least until December 20
On the same day, Merkel and the governors of the states discussed the German unblocking plan. She reached a consensus with the heads of 16 federal states that the blockade measures implemented in early November were extended to at least December 20.

At least until mid-December
Anschobel said that the ban measures have to wait until at least mid-December to fully see the effect, so it is impossible to give specific data standards for unblocking.

To be extended, but I don’t know when
Both government officials and medical epidemic prevention experts believe that after the three-week blockade expires on November 30, it should be extended.
However, with the advent of Christmas in December, the government’s blockade measures are expected to be loosened, but the possibility of full liberalization of inter-regional travel appears to be minimal.

The epidemic worsens, the ski resort is closed
Ski resorts in Italy will be closed during Christmas, making sacrifices to curb the spread of the epidemic.

Catalonia unblocks first
The Catalonia region of Spain will be unblocked in four phases from November 23. At the same time, Europe will formulate a unified Christmas holiday regulation, and the bill is expected to be launched on December 2.