Russian President Putin announced a heavy news on the 11th,Russia’s first new crown vaccine has been registered by the state, making it the world’s first officially registered new coronavirus vaccine. Russian medical experts have analyzed the reasons why Russia was the first to develop a new crown vaccine. A WHO spokesperson said that the safety of Russian vaccines will be evaluated.

RIA Novosti reported on the 11th that Putin said at a meeting of government members that day: “As far as I know, the new crown virus vaccine has been registered this morning. This is the first registration in the world. I hope that our foreign friends can also promote related work. . There are enough available products in the world drug and vaccine market.” Putin also said: “I know this vaccine is quite effective and can form a stable immunity. I reiterate that the vaccine has passed all necessary inspections. One of mine. My daughter has tried the new coronavirus vaccine. She feels good now. We need to mass-produce the Russian vaccine for the new coronavirus in the near future. I thank everyone who participated in the first batch of vaccine development work, because this is for the entire world Very important step.”

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said that this new coronavirus vaccine shows high efficiency and safety. The vaccine is currently being produced in two locations: one is the National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of the Russian Ministry of Health, and the other is Binnopharm. At the same time, Russia is formulating the technical regulations needed to expand the scale of production. The Russian Direct Investment Fund is responsible for investment in vaccine production and overseas promotion. He said that he will continue to conduct clinical testing of this vaccine with thousands of people participating. The first new coronavirus vaccine registered in the world was named “Satellite-V”. According to the press service of the Russian Ministry of Health, this two-dose vaccination program can form long-term immunity. According to the experience of using such vaccines, immunity can be maintained for up to two years. It is a vaccine with human adenovirus as a carrier. It has passed safety and effectiveness tests on a variety of animals, and has also undergone clinical trials on two groups of volunteers.