In the face of the Russia’s epidemic , China is helping. Putin said at the meeting: we gave China 2 million masks, and now China has given us 150 million.

Russia has received 150 million masks from China
Putin said at the meeting that Russia is increasing the pace of domestic production of anti-epidemic materials. “In early March, we only produced 1.2 million masks per day. By the end of April, we will produce 3.5 million masks per day. In the near future, we will produce 7.5 million masks per day.”

Although the speed of domestic mask production in Russia is increasing, Putin said that Russia is still actively cooperating with other countries. Putin took an example of Sino-Russian cooperation: “When our (Chinese) friends encountered difficulties in February, we sent over 2 million masks. Now, we have received 150 million masks from China through various channels. ”

In addition to masks, Putin also mentioned Sino-Russian cooperation in protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials: “There are also 2 million sets of protective clothing imported from China.” Putin promised that “it will continue to carry out such cooperation.”

More than 50,000 cases diagnosed in Russia
Putin: Russia’s epidemic peak has not yet arrived

The epidemic in Russia has recently developed at a rate of 4,000 to 6,000 new cases of new pneumonia diagnosed in a single day. According to the official website of the Russian New Crown Virus Epidemic Prevention website, as of 10:35 a.m. local time on April 21, a total of 52,763 cases of new crown pneumonia in Russia have been diagnosed.

On the 20th, Putin also emphasized at the meeting that Russia is about to complete the first phase of the epidemic prevention task, that is, to slow down its spread, but the peak of the epidemic situation in Russia has not yet arrived. The government will continue to take all measures to shorten the platform period to reduce the number of virus infections in the country.

The Sino-Russian cooperative relationship can be fully demonstrated through the epidemic situation, and it also shows that cooperation can achieve a win-win situation. Therefore, the world should cooperate to fight against the epidemic in order to achieve a win-win situation.