Over the past few days, demonstrations triggered by the violent law enforcement of the United States police resulting in the death of African-American men have continued to escalate,Protests spread across the United States. According to US media statistics, demonstrations have erupted in more than 30 states and more than 30 cities across the United States.

According to the Global Times citing the report of the New York Times, in the past few days, the riots in Minnesota have caused Protests spread across the United States. At least eight states and Washington, DC mobilized the National Guard in response to demonstrations.

On May 30, the Minneapolis protests continued to enter the fifth day. According to the Associated Press, demonstrators set fire on the top floor of a shopping mall in the city, and a group of people threw hard objects at the police. In the fierce confrontation, some demonstrators even shot at the police. However, the protest groups were strongly suppressed that night.

Police attacks have also occurred in many parts of the United States. On May 30, at least 13 police officers in Philadelphia were beaten and injured, and four police cars were burned on the street; a police officer in Salt Lake City was hit in the head by a bat; a Florida police officer was cut in the neck.

A video was broadcast by multiple media in the United States. In the video, a National Guard of an armored vehicle was photographed in front of a resident ’s house. In the picture, a member of the screen shouted: “Go in! Go in the house!” “And began shooting at the photographer’s house, bullets hit the residents’ left leg. Some media pointed out that the bullets fired by the National Guard were “not lethal.”

In addition, according to the news released by the Houston City Police on social media on the 31st, demonstrations and demonstrations by the city of Houston against violent law enforcement by the police are continuing. The police arrested more than 200 people in the past two days.

Public opinion believes that the ongoing US police law enforcement against black people reflects the deep-seated contradictions that plagued American society.