According to the French “Liberation” report, the newly released data showed that after conducting a thorough investigation and testing of the “Cargo de Gaulle” carrier group in 2010, the results were unexpected, and a total of 1081 people were detected with the new crown-positive virus . And this France’s only nuclear carrier battle group, the total number of serving officers and men is only more than 2,300. Once this data was announced by the Minister of Defence of Florence Parry, there was an uproar.

Ever since the outbreak of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Roosevelt in late March, people began to focus their attention on the main aircraft carrier in France. Sure enough, it was reported on April 10 that there was a large area of ​​infection on the Charles de Gaulle. Many members have symptoms of coughing and fever and have been unable to perform activities normally. However, the news has not been confirmed. Until the French military chief of staff Le Courant on the evening of the 18th, it was admitted by television programs that more than 50% of the sailors of the French aircraft carrier battle group may have been infected. In answering this question, he just said, “There is no investigation showing that someone deliberately violated the regulations.”

It is worth mentioning that the two US sailors on the “Charles de Gaulle” attracted the attention of the French. According to reports, the two US sailors were part of the US-France joint military exercise exchange plan, but it happened that they were all infected. Faced with the United States, where the epidemic is now in an outbreak, some people suspect that the virus came from overseas. Some experts said that despite the serious local epidemic in France, the “Charles de Gaulle” has been on the sea for several months, and these viruses are unlikely to come from the mainland.

So is the virus really carried by foreign sailors? Faced with this question, the chief of staff of the three armed forces said: “Although we have been on missions since January 21, we still docked in Brest, France, around March 15, and the crew experienced family visits.” This statement is also intended to affirm the possibility of the virus spreading locally.

However, some family members of the crew claimed that their son had complained about the poor sanitation on board during the visit, and that “there was no protective measures, not even masks, and some people were already sick.” If the “ill” person is neopneumonia, then at least explain The virus has already spread on the ship before landing. In short, the reason for the large-scale outbreak on the French aircraft carrier is still confusing. As of today, no clear investigation report has been released.

Regarding the suspicion of whether the virus came from the US crew, some experts said that the crew of other nationalities are likely to have boarded the ship during the military exercise before January, and the possibility of carrying the virus before January is very low; there are also calls The current priority is not to find and investigate the source of the virus, but to find ways to mobilize limited resources to save, because the local situation is not more optimistic than the ship; as of April 23, France has diagnosed more than 150,000 cases of new pneumonia , Medical equipment and hospitals have been urgent, almost all cities in the country are waiting for the government to allocate resources.

The United States, the ally the French were expecting, did not respond to the French epidemic. To make matters worse, due to the epidemic, there were many riots in France, and there was no time to take into account the government of Charles de Gaulle. Said that there is no extra medical resources to deal with this sudden increase of more than 1,000 patients; since the early diagnosis of the beach detection, these people have only been isolated and simple treatment, Var province has applied for multiple days of medical supplies support, but has not yet In place. It is predicted that the “Cargo de Gaulle” epidemic may be further erupted in the future.