You have to ask how difficult is the foreign trade industry? As foreign epidemics become more serious, the foreign trade industry really wants to be discouraged?

At the press conference of the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council on March 30, Xin Guobin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said: “With the further spread of the international epidemic, China’s foreign trade import and export situation may further deteriorate.”

From January to February, in terms of RMB, China’s imports, exports, exports and imports fell by 9.6%, 15.9% and 2.4% respectively.

The foreign trade industry is generally faced with the problems of having to cancel or delay the orders received, difficulties in signing new contracts, and difficulties in logistics and transportation.

Spring is here, but the winter of the industry is still cold, and today’s foreign trade industry can’t see the dawn, and the future vision has also turned into a cloud. What should the foreign trade industry do?

1. Centralized cancellation, all orders are lost

As of today, the number of overseas new crowns has been diagnosed with more than 1.8 million cases. For the foreign trade industry, gold, silver and silver are the peak of profitability, but the epidemic situation in foreign countries is getting more and more serious. Fourth, even basic exports have fallen off a cliff.

On April 10, Assistant Minister of Commerce Ren Hongbin said at a press conference held by the Joint Defense and Joint Control Mechanism of the State Council that compared with the general trade mode, processing trade has a characteristic of “two ends are outside”, which is an open economy and international industry. Effective form of cooperation. As almost all of China’s trading partners have epidemics, overseas demand continues to shrink, and new orders for foreign trade companies have dropped significantly year-on-year.

Is the decline obvious?

This may be a more conservative statement. Intuitively, probably from the middle and late last month, due to the explosive growth of overseas epidemics, foreign trade orders began to be canceled intensively.

For example, in the Pearl River Delta region, where China ’s foreign trade processing industry is most concentrated, it faces tens of thousands of losses every day, and many companies cannot even realize their wish to survive the previous orders.

The boss of an enterprise doing foreign trade processing in Dongguan said: “The domestic epidemic has just eased, and the foreign epidemic has broken out again. All orders overseas are gone. Not to mention eating and drinking soup are all problems. Now only the prevention of foreign epidemics The control has high hopes and hope to end soon, so that our foreign trade industry can also return to the right track as soon as possible. ”

2. The company shuts down and the unemployment rate is high

If you can spend a day by drinking soup, even if the face is thin and lean, it will operate slowly after being carried over, and Dongshan will come back just around the corner.

It’s just a pity that many foreign trade companies can’t resist it.

According to the information disclosed by Dongguan Chashan Human and Social Security Bureau of Guangdong Province, on March 18, a large manufacturer in Dongguan, Panduit Toys, was forced to cancel a large number of orders due to the severe epidemic in Europe and the United States. Broken, can only be closed.

During the same period, Sanyi Shoes, also in Zhejiang Province, announced on March 20 that due to the outbreak of the global epidemic, customer orders were cancelled one after another, deciding to stop hiring, leave old employees, reduce salary, and cancel bonuses.

The foreign trade industry is full of grief, and the plot of closing the factory is being staged at all times. While the factory is closing, more and more employees are also facing the problem of unemployment and pay.

The data shows that the foreign trade industry is driving the employment of about 180 million people in China. However, because of the sudden outbreak, it is very likely that more than 54 million employees will be unemployed.

3. Embrace policy, transform to survive

How to do?

Sorrow, anxiety, and confusion, a variety of negative emotions derive from the hearts of every foreign trader.

More and more foreign trade industries have begun to try to save themselves. For example, many apparel and shoe manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta region have begun to try live broadcasting to bring goods, hoping to digest existing production capacity through live broadcasting and alleviate the problem of slow sales.

On March 8, Qian Jinbo, chairman of Red Dragonfly, sold goods live on Taobao, Zheng Laili, vice chairman of Kangnai Group, personally brought the goods, and Wang Zhentao, the head of Aokang International, and his son joined the live broadcast together.

In Ningbo, the government took the lead in signing strategic cooperation agreements with e-commerce platforms to promote the transfer of exports to domestic sales.

In addition, some foreign trade companies are also transforming the production of masks and other anti-epidemic materials.

However, everything has had little effect. For example, in the transformation of the production of anti-epidemic materials, the domestic epidemic situation has gradually eased, and many provinces and cities across the country have reduced it accordingly. The anti-epidemic materials such as masks are now in excess of demand, and perhaps only a small part of the sense of smell Of foreign trade enterprises can alleviate the pain of the moment through transformation, and those enterprises who have realized the transformation afterwards, not to mention domestic, say to export abroad, and air and sea transportation are shut down. The export of materials is a big problem.

While the foreign trade enterprises are struggling to save themselves, many middle and lower enterprises have also called on the state to introduce more assistance policies and land as soon as possible.

In fact, many domestic support policies have been introduced, such as employment support policies, low loan interest rates in corporate loans, and measures to expand loan size to help small and medium enterprises overcome difficulties. Follow!

Of course, in the end, what we look forward to the most is still the global epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible, and world peace!