New Year’s Eve event was held online in Times Square, New York, USA. Times Square in New York will be held online for the first time for 114 years.

Since COVID-19 has not yet improved, in order to prevent and control COVID-19, for the first time in 114 years, the New Year’s Eve event in Times Square will not allow crowds to watch. New York City officials announced major changes to the New Year’s Eve activities in Times Square. They said that although the crystal ball will fall as usual, the celebrations usually packed with people will take place.

Times Square Alliance Chairman Tim Tompkins said in a press release: “The things that will never change are the passage of time and the arrival of the New Year at midnight on December 31.” “But this year, Times Square will launch a large number of new ones. And enhanced virtual, visual and digital programs to complement limited live entertainment or experience.” Tompkins added that Times Square will be quarantined by the New York Police Department at that time, and any events held there will be solely for “TV The purpose of the broadcast”. “Times Square will have some activities under social distancing, but mainly for TV and streaming audiences.” Tompkins said. “In Times Square, there will be a very limited number of people for TV broadcast purposes, but there will be no gathering of the public.

“This year we will miss everyone, but whether you want to shut down or get rid of the bad news of 2020, or welcome the new year with hope, renewal and determination, we will bring you celebrations,” President of Countdown Entertainment Jeff Strauss said. “You will be able to join us in an unprecedented way as part of the 2021 Times Square celebration.” The online drop-down ceremony will include a celebration of “the greatest human spirit”, which includes basic industry employees, first responders, doctors and scientists . The usual “new and old artists, musicians and artists” will also participate in this event.

2020 is a very special year. Due to COVID-19, online has become the mainstream, online courses, online Canton fairs, online conferences, online sports, online New Year’s Eve and so on. 2020 is about to pass, and hope that COVID-19 will end in 2021.