Several sources in Germany revealed to the media on the 10th that the German government will stop providing free new crown virus testing to all people from October in order to further promote the new crown vaccination.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with the heads of 16 state governments across the country on the same day to discuss how to deal with the new round of the new crown epidemic. Reuters reported from multiple sources who knew the contents of the meeting that Merkel and the head of the state government agreed to cancel the free new crown virus test from October 11. However, those who cannot be vaccinated due to reasons such as underage or pregnancy can continue to enjoy subsidies when undergoing COVID-19 testing.

The German media cited relevant draft reports discussed at the meeting that the German government has provided free COVID-19 testing since March to help “successfully contain the third wave of COVID-19.” However, given that the new crown vaccination is now open to all adults, the cost of new crown testing should no longer be fully borne by the government. Since people who have not been vaccinated will still need to provide a negative test for the new crown on multiple occasions in the future, the government hopes that the test will no longer be free will prompt more people to get free new crown vaccine.

As the delta strain of the new crown mutant virus accelerates, a new wave of epidemics is sweeping across Europe. Data show that among the approximately 83.89 million people in Germany, the proportion of people who have completed the entire vaccination process currently accounts for about 55%, and the proportion of people who have received at least one dose of the vaccine accounts for nearly 63%.