Germany, a major European convention and exhibition country, is already restarting the exhibition.

The German Exhibition Industry Association (AUMA) website reported on June 24 that the German exhibition will restart from the end of June;

Arrange other exhibitions in Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Munich and other places in early July;

As of the end of August, the German exhibition industry will host about 10 physical events, mainly regional exhibitions;

From September to the end of the year, 148 exhibitions are planned, of which 67 are important international or national exhibitions.

Offline exhibitions in Italy have also fully recovered. The Milan International Wedding Dress Fair in June has been successfully completed. There are 29 participants from Europe (including Germany, Greece, France, Spain, Switzerland and Portugal), the United States, Qatar and Asian markets. Buyers from countries and regions watched the exhibition, and the proportion of international visitors reached 16%.

Important exhibitions that will be held this year include the Milan International Furniture Fair on September 5; the Italian International Jewelry and Fashion Accessories Exhibition on September 18; and the Verona International Stone Fair on September 29; 10 Milan Metalworking World on October 4; Milan International Hotel Supplies Exhibition on October 22, etc.

The Milan International Exhibition Center, which was once converted into an Italian version of the “Vulcan Mountain” hospital, is now finally open to welcome guests.

The unblocking of the exhibition in France is divided into three steps:

The summit and corporate events will be partially loosened in mid-May. The maximum size of the event is 35% of the upper limit of the venue. The maximum number of people for indoor conventions and exhibitions is 800 people, and the maximum number of people for outdoor events is 1,000;

The second stage is June 9th. Under the condition of controlling the flow of people through health codes, the maximum number of people in cultural and sports venues and exhibitions will be increased to 5,000;

The third stage is June 30th. Under the premise of epidemic prevention and control conditions, and under the premise of controlling the flow of people through the health code, the restrictions on the number of indoor and outdoor activities will be lifted.

Not to mention the United Kingdom. The speed of unblocking is the fastest in Europe. Starting at 0:00 on July 19, the British government will cancel most of the epidemic prevention measures in England, including the need to wear masks; it will no longer limit the number of social gatherings; except Outside some specific places, it is no longer required to maintain a social distance of more than 1 meter; all business premises can be resumed; and it is no longer required to work from home.


Some large-scale exhibitions in the United States have already restarted in June. For example, Nevada, where the famous convention and exhibition city Las Vegas is located, has fully untied all exhibition activities in the region from June 1.

However, there are still many states in the United States that have not yet loosened conventions and exhibitions, and many venues are even being “requisitioned” as vaccine centers and even immigration shelters.

middle East

Dubai has actually reopened its borders to international tourists as early as July 7, 2020.

Dubai has hosted the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) in December last year and the Middle East (Gulf) Food Exhibition (Gulfood) in February this year.

In June, we have participated in the Arab International Medical Equipment Exhibition, the largest medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East, through our local partners. A total of 36 Chinese companies came to the exhibition through all difficulties.

Although the scale of the exhibition has shrunk, the Chinese companies participating in the exhibition basically stated that the professionalism of the audience has been greatly improved. After all, all those who came to the exhibition in this situation really wanted to do business. (Detailed on-site situation: under the epidemic situation, the on-site record of participating in Dubai with no difficulties!)

On September 12, Big 5, the largest and most influential construction industry event in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, will also return to the stage in Dubai. This is the only live event connecting the global construction industry in 2021. So far, more than 1,000 exhibitors from 45 countries have confirmed their participation.

In addition, Dubai will also host the 2020 Dubai World Expo on October 1st due to the epidemic. Tickets have been on sale on July 18th. The price of a single day ticket is 95 dirhams (approximately 170 yuan). In addition, there are multi-day (30 days) unlimited admission tickets and six-month unlimited admission pass to choose from. The Expo will last until March 31, 2022.

In order to make everyone feel at ease, the organizer will provide all exhibitors with free new crown vaccine, but it is not mandatory that visitors must have been vaccinated.