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EMI filter capacitor feedthrough made in china

  • Capacitance:10PF~2UF
  • Rated voltage:16V~2KV
  • Temperature Range: -55 To 125°C
  • Electric current:8A~20A
  • Maximum working voltage: 2.5Voltage
  • Warranty: Unconditional replenishment
  • Provide ODM/OEM services
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EMI filter capacitor feedthrough

The core of the EMI filter capacitor feedthrough is a disc-shaped multilayer or tubular ceramic capacitor. Like other ceramic items, it will be damaged by sudden temperature changes, mechanical vibration and excessive voltage. When installing the feed-through filter on the board surface, care must be taken to minimize various stresses when welding the guide pin of the filter and shaping.

EMI filter capacitor feedthrough characteristics and applications

1) Welded EMI filter
Welded EMI filter is the most ideal product for small installation space;
Application: mainly used for filtering signals, data lines and AC power lines; telecommunication equipment, transmission equipment, microwave filters, industrial computers, and composite circuit filter components
Small size: effective use of space;
Rated voltage: up to 1000VDC;
Various circuit structures: C-type, Pi-type, and L-type circuits are available;
High temperature structure: can prevent backflow during installation;
Certification: Filters available for MIL-F-15733 QPL and MIL-C-11015 (CK99) certification;
2) Resin sealed threaded EMI filter
The nuts and washers provided with the resin-sealed bolt EMI filter can be easily installed to the through-hole position; resin sealing at both ends of the rugged housing provides good environmental protection
Application: mainly used for signal, data line, DC power line filtering; micro-extrusion installation or screw installation is the ideal choice when it is not suitable for welding, suitable for microwave and other high-frequency applications;
Voltage: up to 2500VDC / 250VAC
Certification: available for MIL-F-15733 certified products
Circuit structure: C type, L type, Pi type
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3) High current and high voltage resin sealed EMI filter
Application: High current filter is mainly used in high current switching power supply and DC charging system;
The high-voltage filter is mainly used in high-voltage power supply, and the solid bolt structure is easy to install;
Features: High current up to 100Amps (special requirements can be customized)
Voltage: up to 3000VDC and 2500VAC (special requirements can be customized)
4) Glass sealed high-performance EMI filter
This series of filters is sealed with glass and has excellent EMI filtering performance. For those who still require high reliability filtering in harsh environments, this product is the best choice for wideband high-performance EMI filtering from 10KHz to greater than 10GHz The glass seal series is highly resistant to moisture, corrosion and other harsh environments that may be encountered in military applications.
Applications: power supplies, signal lines, rocket ignition devices, aircraft, military communications, medical equipment, multi-stage filtering;
Optimized design: a variety of sizes and shapes, C, L and Pi circuits are available for selection, and Pi, T, & TT circuits can be suppressed instantly;
Reliability: Manufactured according to MIL-F-15733 and MIL-F-28861 standards, and in compliance with QPL requirements;
Based on MIL-F-28861, space application “S” level
FED / MIL certification: meets MIL-F-15733 and MIL-F-28861 standards
Features: Insertion loss range 0.01MHz-10GHz
Capacitance and temperature characteristics: 1pF-10μF; NPO, Y5P, X7R, Y5U, Z5U, etc.
Temperature range: -55 ℃ ~-+ 125 ℃, -40 ℃ ~-+ 85 ℃, -20 ℃ ~-+ 85 ℃
Maximum voltage value: 3000VDC; 2500VAC; (special requirements can be customized)
Maximum current: 100A (Special requirements can be customized)

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EMI filter capacitor feedthrough

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