The British Chancellor of the Exchequer Rich Sunak called on the G7 to continue to work together to ensure a green and sustainable recovery in the global economy. The G7 trade ministers meeting issued a joint communiqué on the same day, stating that it will work to promote the recovery of global trade from the new crown epidemic.

Britain is the rotating presidency of the Group of Seven this year. According to a statement issued on the website of the British Ministry of Finance on the 28th, Sunak said in a video conference between the finance ministers and central bank governors of the Group of Seven countries that ended that day, the Group of Seven countries should ensure that climate change is given priority in economic and financial policies to ensure Global financial markets play a role in the transition to net zero emissions, such as improving the disclosure of climate-related financial information.

The video conference of G7 trade ministers also ended on the same day. In the joint communiqué issued after the meeting, all parties stated that they will continue to work together to promote the development of global trade to support the global recovery from the epidemic. All parties agreed to advance key issues such as trade and environment, trade and health, and digital trade to ensure that global trade becomes an engine of inclusive economic growth.

The communiqué stated that the G7 hopes to provide safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to as many people around the world as possible as soon as possible. It will give priority to supporting the work of the World Trade Organization to determine solutions to expand global vaccine production and distribution, and support strategic investment to make Diversified vaccine production bases.

The G7 includes the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and Japan. The G7 Leaders Summit will be held in Cornwall, England in June.