“Beidou Smart Platform” is a geological disaster monitoring using Beidou or GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) high-precision satellite positioning technology. The basic working principle is to deploy satellite monitoring terminals in high-risk geological areas, and cooperate with integrated weather stations, video monitoring terminals, crack measurement meters, tilt acceleration meters, stress and strain sensors and other diverse data collection equipment.

Before the occurrence of geological disasters, when the sensors originally fixed in a certain area are subsidenced or shifted, the satellite can perceive its movement changes, and the background system will combine multiple monitoring data, through the big data intelligent comprehensive analysis of the “Beidou Smart Platform”, to achieve all-weather Automatic online monitoring and early warning.

At present, the integrated rainfall monitoring and alarm equipment has been connected and tested in Sichuan, China. The “Beidou Smart Platform” can accurately measure the local rainfall in the first time, and send out alarm information according to the set threshold, providing data support and alarm services for flood relief. . The system has deployed 3,411 monitoring points in China and 3,277 points in Sichuan Province. It has successfully warned three Chunchangba landslides in Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture, two landslides in Alzhai, Wenchuan County, Aba Prefecture, and one landslide in Yangjiashan, Shifang City. , Participated in 1 emergency monitoring and early warning of debris flow in Danba County, Ganzi Prefecture, and 3 emergency monitoring and early warning after the earthquake in Yibin. From the launch of research and development in 2017 to the current Beidou intelligent platform has been upgraded from version 1.0 to the current version 3.9, which means that the system has updated 30 versions in 3 years, basically every month.

With the “Beidou Smart Platform”, disasters such as landslides and debris flows can be reduced, and people can evacuate in time when dangers arise.