Due to the surge in new crown cases, on August 2, Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state, declared a “state of disaster” and impose a curfew in the capital Melbourne.

 On the same day, Victoria added 671 confirmed cases and 7 deaths. State officials said that due to the increase in community-transmitted cases and cases of unknown origin, the authorities were forced to implement new restrictions. The new measures will impose a curfew for at least six weeks.

So far, more than 17,000 cases have been diagnosed in Australia. Among them, Victoria has the most severe epidemic, with a total of more than 11,000 confirmed cases, and the source of most of the new cases is unknown. Of the 671 new cases added on the 2nd, only 73 cases are known. .

Prior to this, the state government had issued a six-week stay-at-home order to Melbourne residents. Victorian Premier Andrews said at a live TV press conference on the 2nd: “The current regulations have avoided thousands of cases every day… but the effect is not fast enough.” Andrews announced that Victoria has been upgraded from an “state of emergency” to In the “disaster state”, the capital Melbourne implemented a curfew of the “late eight to five” at 8 o’clock that night.

The new measures also stipulate that Melbourne residents can only shop and exercise within 5 kilometers of their homes. A family can only go shopping and exercise once a day, and the time is controlled within one hour.

Other cities in Victoria outside of Melbourne will implement the third phase of lockdown measures from midnight on the 5th local time. In addition, most schools and universities in Victoria will resume homeschooling from the 5th, and kindergartens and daycare centers will be closed from the 6th.

Starting from the 5th, all schools in Victoria will be changed to distance learning. Supermarkets can continue to operate, and restaurants that have banned dine-in can continue to provide takeaway services.

The Australian government supports Victoria’s new measures. Prime Minister Morrison stated on social networking sites that it is very necessary to stop the spread of the new crown virus, “we will unite and overcome difficulties.”

Federal Minister of Health Hunter said at a live televised press conference that the federal government supports these measures with a heavy heart, “We do this because they will help save and protect lives.”