With the recovery of the talent market, some job seekers collectively lined up on the workplace social platform to “seeking offer” and “sweetness”, and they will go to the Jingxi Reclining Buddha Temple Behavior, copy to the Internet.The continuation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has changed the pace of corporate development, and offline recruitment has also been replaced by “cloud recruitment”. All these have prompted the workplace to change their job-seeking behaviors accordingly.

Change one: online wish to ask for offers, netizens cheer each other.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic this year, the Temple of Reclining Buddha temporarily closed its doors to thank guests. Some netizens choose to “seeking offers” online. On the pulse of social networking platforms in the workplace, the topic of “together with joy” attracted hundreds of thousands of netizens to watch. Many netizens shared their interview experience and would “wish” to get a big factory offer; some netizens will ask their peers for help after they actually receive the offer. Analyze and compare, and after finalizing, you will “agree” and gain affirmation.

Change two, before submitting resumes, on the social platform, first check whether the target company has any recent salary reductions and layoffs, which has become one of the key intelligences for professionals to inquire before applying for jobs in special periods.

Change three: In addition to inquiring news from peers and target companies, asking for help from unfamiliar alumni and seeking internal referrals after establishing contacts is also one of the new initiatives for seeking offers during the “cloud recruitment” period.

Change 4: In order to successfully gain the favor of the target company, the working people understand the “cloud interview” process and examiner style in advance, and share the interview experience, which is also a new job search. For example: “Remind everyone, if it is a video interview, honestly write code on the webpage, don’t think of secretly switching the webpage to find the answer, there are tips in the system, the interviewer can see.” These are very specific Interview experience can make job seekers less detours, no wonder some netizens laughed and said, “I use other people’s pits to light up my way to offer.”

From the industry’s point of view, compared with the previous eagerness for promotion and salary increase, the current behavioral changes of the working people illustrate the “crisis” of the working people. Be prepared so that you can always be prepared and ready when faced with all changes.