682J 250V film capacitor CBB21 made in china

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682J 250V film capacitor CBB21 made in china

  • CBB21 Polyester Film Capacitor
  • 682J 250V Film Capacitor
  • Package: Bulk and Tape
  • Size(T*H*W):4*8.5*13mm
  • Can withstand 200 times of destructive charge and discharge


682J 250V film capacitor CBB21 for adapter

682J 250V film capacitor has the characteristics of high heat insulation, low consumption and low internal temperature rise. Install with radial lines and hidden holes. Good stability and excellent frequency characteristics.Widely used as various electronic filters, DC blocking, inserting interposers, decompression voltage conversion, DC and pulse circuits, especially suitable for various energy saving lamps and electronic rectifiers.

CBB21 capacitor 682J 250V for energy saving lamp

Type :  metalized polyester film capacitor
Colour:Orange red
Capacitance:0.0068uf (682)                    
Rated Voltage:250V
Capacitance Tolerance: ±5%(J),±10%(K)
Lead Pitch(mm):10.0mm
Temperature Range: -25 To 85°C      

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