Capacitor series XSW 85℃ 2000H

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Capacitor series XSW 85℃ 2000H Standard Capacitor  stud capacitor is a capacitor connected to the electrodes of a stud terminal.

Bolt capacitors are capacitors connected by bolt-type terminal electrodes. Electrolytic capacitors are a type of capacitor. The metal foil is the positive electrode (aluminum or tantalum), and the oxide film (aluminum oxide or tantalum pentoxide) that is close to the metal with the positive electrode is the dielectric. The cathode is composed of a conductive material, an electrolyte (the electrolyte can be liquid or solid), and other materials. Because the electrolyte is the main part of the cathode, the electrolytic capacitor gets its name. At the same time, the positive and negative of the electrolytic capacitor cannot be connected incorrectly. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors can be divided into four categories: lead-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors; horn-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors; bolt-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors; solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. .