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start capacitor 22uf50v

  • Capacitance:22uF
  • Rated Voltage:50V
  • Endurance(105°C):6000h
  • Size(D*L):5*11mm
  • Ripple Current:75mArms
  • Customized Service: Capacity, Voltage, Size, Trademark
  • Warranty: Unconditional replenishment
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start capacitor 22uf50v Features And Applications

start capacitor 22uf50v, as shown in the figure below, is coupled to the resistor R1 and coupled to the VCC. The capacitor C1 is charged at the moment of starting the circuit, and the capacitor C1 is discharged again to achieve the function of the startup IC. Electrolytic capacitors must be used here. The capacitance values are generally 10UF50V, 22UF50V, 47UF35V.

start capacitor 22uf50v

start capacitor 22uf50v Parameter

Type: Long Life Electrolytic Capacitor
Colour:Black Shell And Golden Font
Product Number:XLS220M1HD5L11B/T
Capacitance: 22uF(220)                                  
Rated Voltage: 50V(1H)
Size(D*L): 5*11mm                         Solder Pin:2.0mm                     Weight:0.4g
Packing:Bag Packing(B) Or Taping Package(T)

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