0.68 uf 275v x2 film capacitor product available

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0.68 uf 275v x2 film capacitor product available

  • Electric capacity: 0.68uf
  • Tolerance: ±10% (K); ±20% (M)
  • Size (W*H*T*D): 32.0*20.0*11.0*0.8mm
  • Color: yellow
  • Customized service: capacity, voltage, size, trademark
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0.68 uf 275v x2 film capacitor

0.68 uf 275v Film Capacitor, It Is Applied To The Laser Generators For Anti-Epidemic Scarce Materials And Purple Sterilization Lamps,Over AC, For Interference Suppression, Suitable For Over-The-Line Circuits.

0.68 uf 275v x2 film capacitor

Type: Safety Capacitor X2

Color: Yellow

Capacitance: 0.68uF(684)

Rated Voltage(AC): 275VAC/310VAC

Lead Pitch:27.5mm


Tolerance: ±10%(K)

Temperature Range: -25 To 105°C

Rated Freq(HZ): 1KHZ





Ventilator capacitor 0.082UF safety capacitor

Technical Specificaions


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Customized Service: Capacity, Voltage, Size, Trademark
Special Service: Cut Feet, Bend Feet
Warranty: Unconditional replenishment

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