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electrolytic capacitors for low pass filter

  • Capacitance: 470uF
  • Rated Voltage: 35V
  • Life: 4000 hours 
  • Size(D*L):10*16mm
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electrolytic capacitors for low pass filter Features And Applications

The Electrolytic Capacitors For Low Pass Filter Can Be Solved By Placing Two Electrolytic Capacitors Back To Back In Half Of The Capacitance Due To The Series Connection. The Problem Of Using Electrolytic Capacitors In The Filter Is That The Capacitance Value Is Unstable. We Use Them To Filter The Power Supply For Low-Pass Filtering Without The Need For Precise Roll-Off Frequencies. They Are Used As Frequency Determining Components That Require A Stable Frequency, Such As Resonant Circuits.

electrolytic capacitors for low pass filter Parameter

Type: Low Impedance Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors 

Colour:Green Shell And Golden Font

Capacitance: 470uF(471)                                    Rated Voltage: 35V(1V)

Size(D*L): 10*16.5mm                                        Solder Pin:5.0mm

Ripple Current:1245mArms                               Leakage Current:164.5uA

Load Life(105°C):4000h                                      ESR:0.2Ω



Packing:Bag Packing And Taping Packing

Positive And Negative Polarity Recognition: The Side With The “-” Mark Is The Negative Electrode

How To Order

Specifications / Model:CDXHL471M1VD10L16B/T

①.CD:Electrolytic Capacitors

②.Series: XHL(3000~5000Hours)





⑦.B:Bag Packing,T:Taping Packing

electrolytic capacitors for low pass filter Dimensions(mm)


Electronics Component 220UF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor


factory show

aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer

We are a supplier of electrolytic capacitor, and we have rich experiences in this field. Our daily production capacity can reach  7 million electrolytic capacitors, the sample period is 3 days, and the production cycle is 10 days. We will give you great support in terms of price, quality and delivery time.

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