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Electrolytic Capacitor China

  • Capacitance:0.1~820000uF
  • Rated Voltage: 6.3~550V
  • Employee 500+
  • Produce capacity:7,000,000 PCS/day
  • certified product:RoHS Compliant,SGS
  • Company Certification:ISO9001
  • Pre-Sale Service: Various Technical Support, Sample Support, Sales Guidance
  • After Sales Service: Technical Support And Requirements , Precautions


Electrolytic Capacitor China Features And Applications

Electrolytic Capacitor China. Since The Development Of Electrolytic Capacitors By Jianghai Capacitor In 1970, China Electrolytic Capacitor Factory Has Been Established In Various Places. After More Than 40 Years Of Development, Several International Brands Such As SAMCON, AISHI And XUANSN Have Been Born. Made In China Is No Longer Just A Product, It Has Changed From Simply Made In China To Create In China.

Electrolytic Capacitor China Series Table

DIP aluminum electrolytic capacitor
SeriesTemp.(℃)voltage(V)Cap.(uF)Load life(Hrs)Page
Standard XS -40(-25)~+1056.3~5000.1~150002000~3000P8
High frequency low resistanceXHL -40~+1056.3~1000.47~100003000~5000P11
XHH -25~+105160~5000.47~3303000~5000P14
XHS -40~+1056.3~25220~47002000~3000P16
Long life XLS -40(-25)~+1056.3~5000.1~220006000~9000P18
XLB -40(-25)~+105160~4501.0~22010000P21
XLU -40(-25)~+105160~4501.0~22012000P23
High TemperatureXHT -40~+1256.3~5000.1~220002000~3000P25
Low TemperatureXLT -55~+1056.3~10022~47003000~4000P28
NonpolarXNP -40~+856.3~1000.47~47002000~3000P30
Anti-lightning  XAL -25~+85400~4501~682000~3000P32
Low leakage XLL -40~+1056.3~1000.47~220002000~3000P34
Miniature  XSK -40~+856.3~500.1~1001000~2000P36
XSC -40~+856.3~500.1~2202000~3000P38
Snap-in Terminal XSN -40(-25)~+8510~50068~820002000~3000P40
XTN -40(-25)~+10516~50039~470002000~3000P45
XLN -40(-25)~+10510~45068~560005000~6000P49
Screw Terminal XSW -40(-25)~+8510~450270~8200002000~3000P53
XTW -40(-25)~+10525~450220~3300002000~3000P57
XLW -25~+105250~4501000~150005000~6000P59



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aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer

We are a supplier of electrolytic capacitor, and we have rich experiences in this field. Our daily production capacity can reach  7 million electrolytic capacitors, the sample period is 3 days, and the production cycle is 10 days. We will give you great support in terms of price, quality and delivery time.

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