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Electrolytic capacitor 250V

  • Conventional Capacitors(-40~+105℃,Life:2000~3000H)
    Low ESR Capacitors(-40~+105℃,Life:3000~5000H,100KHZ)
    Long Life Capacitors(-40~+105℃,Life:6000~9000H)
    High Temperature 125℃ Capacitors(-40~+125℃,Life:2000~3000H)
    Low Temperature -55℃ Capacitors(-55~+105℃,Life:3000~5000H)
    Low Leakage Current Capacitors(-40~+105℃,Life:2000~3000H)
  • Customized Service: Capacity, Voltage, Size, Trademark.
  • Special Service: Cut Feet, Bend Feet


Electrolytic capacitor 250V Features And Applications

Electrolytic capacitor 250V, high voltage capacitor, capacity from 1UF to 150UF, minimum diameter 6.3mm, maximum 22mm. Usually used as input filters, couplers, redundant circuits, etc. Xuansn extends the life of electrolytic capacitors by reducing internal resistance, reducing leakage current and reducing loss angle.ystems.

Electrolytic capacitor 250V Model Size


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Electrolytic capacitor 250V

We are a supplier of electrolytic capacitor, and we have rich experiences in this field. Our daily production capacity can reach  7 million electrolytic capacitors, the sample period is 3 days, and the production cycle is 10 days. We will give you great support in terms of price, quality and delivery time.

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