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electrolytic capacitor 0.1uf 50v factory wholesale

  • Capacitance: 0.1uF
  • Rated Voltage: 50V
  • Life: 3000 hours 
  • Size(D*L):5*11mm
  • Pre-Sale Service: Various Technical Support, Sample Support, Sales Guidance
  • After Sales Service: Requirements , Precautions


electrolytic capacitor 0.1uf 50v Features And Applications

Electrolytic capacitor 0.1uf 50v, large ripple current, low ESR, bypass capacitor: used to filter out some noise interference in the circuit. These noises tend to be high frequency. We design the capacitor operating frequency to 100KHZ, which can filter the noise of almost all frequency segments.

electrolytic capacitor 0.1uf 50v Parameter

Specifications / Model:CDXHLR1M1HD5L11B/T
Type: Low Impedance Electrolytic Capacitor
Colour:Green Shell And Golden Font
Capacitance: 0.1uF(R1)                                     Rated Voltage: 50V(1H)
Size(D*L): 5*11mm                                            Solder Pin:2.0mm
R.C:42mArms                                                     L.C:3uA
Packing : Bag Packing(B) Or Taping Package(T)
Polarized Design: The Longer Lead Is Positive Electrode And The Shorter One Is Negative Electrode.

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electrolytic capacitor 0.1uf 50v

We are a supplier of electrolytic capacitor, and we have rich experiences in this field. Our daily production capacity can reach  7 million electrolytic capacitors, the sample period is 3 days, and the production cycle is 10 days. We will give you great support in terms of price, quality and delivery time.

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