One of the performances of the computer motherboard capacitor is broken and the system is not working.

A friend has encountered this situation. After the computer is turned on, the indicator light is on, but there is no signal input. There is no self-test sound. When the keyboard light is powered on, it will flash off and the system will not start up normally. This problem is very tricky, because in addition to this simple phenomenon, there are no other phenomena that can be viewed more deeply. For this phenomenon, it is probably that the motherboard of the computer is damaged. In this case, you should turn off the computer, turn off the power of the main unit, open the case, and carefully remove the capacitor with a tip soldering iron (to avoid static electricity on the soldering iron, the heater should be powered off after heating). Then replace the same type of capacitor, plug in the CPU and memory power all normal, indicating that this problem has been completely resolved.

motherboard capacitor

The performance of the computer motherboard capacitor is broken, resulting in a smaller capacity.

Capacitors are mainly used in the motherboard to ensure voltage and current stability (filtering). If the damage is too much, the motherboard will be unstable. If you change the black screen frequently, the entire motherboard will be damaged.

The third performance of the computer motherboard capacitor is broken, resulting in a short circuit.

Some capacitors on the motherboard are broken, but they can still be used normally; some can be used but are unstable; some capacitors are broken and the motherboard cannot be used. The first two cases are not used for a long time, and will eventually become the last case. Therefore, once the motherboard capacitance is found to be broken, the safest way is to replace the same type of capacitor in time.

The life of the capacitor is greatly affected by the temperature. Therefore, the most vulnerable capacitor of the motherboard is generally located in the high-temperature area near the CPU, South Bridge, North Bridge, and graphics chip. After discovering the explosive capacity of the drum, you must buy a capacitor of the same capacity, and the withstand voltage is only high or low.